Mosquito Repellent Lamp with Solar Charging

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1- Portable Lighting:
Equipped with a built-in light for illumination, making it ideal for use during camping trips, outdoor gatherings, or as an emergency light source.
2- Solar Energy:
Features a solar panel that allows for eco-friendly and cost-effective charging, ensuring the lamp is always ready for use without relying solely on electricity.
3- Phone Charging:
Includes a USB port for charging your phone, adding an extra layer of convenience, especially during outdoor activities or power outages.
4- Easy to Clean:
Comes with a removable tray and cleaning brush for easy maintenance and hygiene.

Power: 40W
Power source: Solar Powered or USB Rechargeable
Solar Panel: 4V
Battery: 1200MAH
Charging time: -Solar: 6-8 hours,
-USB: 2.5H
Working time: 8-10 hours