Momaz Granite Cookware Set of 4pcs

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Perfume your home with the scent of delicious food with the classical
Momaz range. Prepare amazing dishes with the benefits of non-stick
Surfaces, strong durable construction and a heat protective handle.
Key features:
– Granite
– Induction base
– 3 Layer non-stick honeycomb surface
– Soft touch heat sensor handle

Care instructions:
Hand wash only
Before using the non-stick cookware wash and grease lightly the inner surface with a wad of cotton wool soaked in oil.
Do not overheat the pan.
Always use spoons or spatulas in the pan.
Wash gently inside and outside using a soft sponge and an appropriate detergent.
Avoid using steel wool pads and abrasive cleanser.
If you have burnt food fill the pan with lukewarm water and clean it after a few hours.