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Heroes Surprise Egg 1 piece

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Surprise eggs are produced to attract the attention of children, to provide interest, to develop their imagination as well as their hand skills with the play dough and mold that comes out of it.
Closing and reopening the egg with its plastic structure is specially designed for children.
It is both fun and educational.
It provides hand-eye coordination and helps develop hand-finger muscles.
It is produced in Turkey by using the basic ingredients of wheat flour, salt and water.
It does not leave marks, does not stick and does not crumble.
Complies with US, European and Asian safety and health regulations.
• Contents of the Surprise Egg;
2 Color Heroes Play Dough
4 Pieces Dough Molds
1 Piece Gum
1 Piece Emoji Stickers
*Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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