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Gondol Bra Protective Wash Ball

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The Bra Protector Wash Ball is suitable for washing in a washing machine with braided bras and other delicate fabrics. It allows you to wash your bras and other delicate clothes in the washing machine without fail.
Now you can wear your favorite undergarments for a long time without any deterioration. One is made up of 2 large small cages and allows you to keep the shape of the bra fully.

Product diameter : 17.5cm

Remove the small cage by opening the large cage. Close the clip of your bra and slide it over the small cage.
Push the bra straps into the small cage. Insert the small cage into the large cage and close it.
Your bra is now ready for use in the washing machine.
Place the bra protector on your machine before any other laundry.
Make sure it is closed before placing it in the dryer.

The bra protector fits bras in A, B, C and D cup sizes. It is not recommended to use sponge bras in cup sizes D with bra protector.

1. You can wash 1 bra with a bra protector.
2. You can use up to 3 bra protectors at the same time on the machine. more is not suitable for your machine.

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