Electric 10Watt Anti-Mosquito Lamp

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1- Efficiency:
Electric fly swatters are usually very efficient in catching flies and other insects. They use ultraviolet light to attract insects and an electrically charged net or sticky trap to kill them. Such fly traps can effectively reduce the presence of flies and provide a more comfortable atmosphere indoors.
2- Safety:
Electric fly swatters are generally safe to use. They do not use poisonous chemicals and do not pose a threat to people or pets. In addition, many models of fly traps have a net or trap that is not accessible to touch, minimizing the risk of receiving an electric shock.
3- Quiet:
Electric fly swatters usually operate silently, which is an advantage over traditional fly control methods such as buzzers or sprayers. They can be installed in various spaces, including bedrooms, kitchens and offices, without causing discomfort or noise to users.
4- Ease of use and maintenance:
Electric fly traps are easy to install and operate. They usually only require plugging in and cleaning the trapped insects from time to time. Some models also have removable traps or nets, making them easier to clean and maintain.

5- Environmental advantages:
Unlike some chemical methods of insect control, electric fly traps do not pollute the environment and do not create side effects on the health of people and animals. They can be a more environmentally friendly option for controlling flies and other insects.

Size: 46.5x21x21cm
Power: 10w
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz